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主演:丹尼尔·克雷格 拉米·马雷克 蕾雅·赛杜 安娜·德·阿玛斯  









No Time to Die is the highly anticipated action film that follows a retired James Bond (Daniel Craig) whose quiet life in Jamaica is shattered when old CIA friend Felix Wright comes to him for help, and Bond is reemerged in an unprecedented crisis. In the story, they try to rescue a kidnapped scientist, but the mission is far more dangerous than expected, and Bond is drawn into an adventure to track down a mysterious villain equipped with dangerous new technology.

During Bond's five years of retirement, the world has undergone earth-shaking changes, and evil forces have become more secretive and unpredictable. A new villain, Safin (played by Rami Malek), arrives to reveal his ruthless side. Not only does he unravel the mystery of Madeleine (Léa Seydoux), but he also orchestrates a conspiracy that endangers the lives of millions. At the same time, the figure of the Specter seems to have surfaced again, implying that a bigger conspiracy is brewing.

In this dangerous battle, the new Agent 00 (played by Lashana Lynch) and the mysterious woman (played by Ana de Armas) join the fray, but their true purpose remains a mystery. With old and new grudges coming one after another, Bond not only has to face the opponent's cruel methods, but also has to deal with the undercurrents around him. He was in danger, but he never gave up, to save the world and defend justice.

In "007: No Time to Die", Bond will once again show his bravery and wisdom, and use all his strength to deal with the challenges of evil forces. The audience will follow him on an exciting battle journey and witness his courage and determination to survive the crisis. This movie is not only a visual feast of high-energy action, but also a tribute and continuation of the classic role of Bond, allowing us to feel the legendary charm of 007 again.

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1. 《007:无暇赴死》这部电影的主要演员是谁?


2. 这部电影是在哪一年产生的?


3. 这部电影的导演是谁?


4. 这部电影属于哪种类型?


5. 这部电影讲述了什么样的故事?


6. 这部电影的评价如何?


7. 这部电影在影院票房上取得了怎样的成绩?


8. 这部电影在奖项方面有获得过什么荣誉吗?


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