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主演:染音若茶 云鹤追 林强 星潮 








"Tony Concubine" is an online animation based on the web comic of the same name created by Rourou. The animation is produced by Shanghai Huijie Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Since November 30, 2018, it has been released every Friday on the copyright video website, with a total of 16 episodes. Director Li Haoling joined hands with voice actors such as Ruocha, Yunhezhui, Lin Qiang, Xingchao and other voice actors to bring wonderful stories to the audience.

The protagonist of the story is Qian Yunxi, the eldest lady of the Prime Minister’s Mansion, who has had a different personality since she was a child. No, he was regarded as an ominous person and was imprisoned on Lingyun Mountain. When she was 16 years old, she replaced her younger sister Qian Yunshang and married into Yewangfu. Ye Youming, as the Night King, is said to be an eccentric, cruel and cruel existence. What kind of fate will Qian Yunxi meet?

Qian Yunxi is facing enormous pressure and challenges in the Night King's Mansion. Ye Youming's identity and character kept him at a distance from other people, and Qian Yunxi entered the Yewang Palace as a bride, and had to face the scheming and intrigue inside the Yewang Palace. However, Qian Yunxi was not content to be passive, she showed incomparable courage and wisdom. Through her own efforts, she gradually gained Ye Youming's approval, and the relationship between the two gradually heated up.

While getting along with Ye Youming, Qian Yunxi gradually uncovered the truth of Ye Youming. The secrets of the palace and the truth behind Ye Youming. She discovered that Ye Youming was not the ruthless person on the surface, but was burdened with a heavy past and inner loneliness. There was a deep emotion between the two. Together they faced external obstacles and difficulties and looked for a way to break the shackles of fate.


1. 这部动漫的名称是什么?


2. 这部动漫的主要声优有谁?


3. 这部动漫是哪一年产生的?


4. 谁是这部动漫的导演?


5. 这部动漫属于什么类型?


6. 这部动漫的剧情主要讲述什么?


7. 这部动漫的评价如何?


8. 这部动漫获得了哪些奖项或提名?


9. 这部动漫的故事发生在哪个背景下?


10. 这部动漫适合哪些类型的观众?





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